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Hi! My name is Guy. I’m a Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and father of three beautiful kids, Amir, Gily and Rani. I love being and playing with my children.

I believe in yoga as a way of life. Playing yoga games with my son and seeing the joy it brought him made me see how special this time is. I love the idea of introducing children to the wonderful world of Yoga while simultaneously teaching them many other valuable lessons.

Since then, I am working day & night in developing more and more yoga based games, to make the world more yogi and a bit better :)


YOGi FUN, established in 2016, is a company devoted to the creation of yoga based games through which children, along with their parents and friends, can participate in a variety of fun dynamic activities.

Hi! My name is Karin. I'm a mom, a kids yoga instructor and I really LOVE to play! 

When I used to ask children what they like most at school, I was surprised to hear their answer.. It was always the same - "recess"! Their reason for this answer was the opportunity to move, play and have fun. So I thought – wouldn’t it be great if children could learn important things AND play around while having fun? I really like to invent stuff so I created yoga games with Guy – a platform for many different activities through which children gain self-confidence, develop social skills, improve their attentiveness and concentration, strengthen their bodies, develop their imagination, connect to nature and much more.


Our mission is to bring the benefits of yoga through fun games and activities, giving children all over the world the opportunity to develop and grow while having fun. 

We believe in equality, generosity and friendship - values we want to nourish and spread throughout.




Thank you for this opportunity to share this with you. We hope you love YOGi FUN GAMES as much as we do!


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