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CraZy ZoO!

  • Speed yoga game for the entire family - beginners and experienced practitioners

  • Players work together to set all the animals FREE!

  • Challenges the mind and body

  • 51 round rigid cards in a convenient mini pack to grab & go


This fast-paced yoga game requires quick thinking, imagination and improvisation. Crazy Zoo uses yoga poses inspired by animals to engage beginners and practicing yogis alike. 

The mission: Set all the animals FREE from the zoo!

CraZy ZoO!

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  • All the cards are dealt to the players. Each player plays a card and has only 2 seconds to describe their animal! Don't repeat a word that has already been said. If you heard “hairy frog,” you can’t say “hairy snake.” Each creature is unique! Don't give opposite words at all! If someone said “tall mouse,” don’t say “short camel.” If you break a rule, do the pose on your card immediately and make the sound of the animal on your card. When the last card is played – ALL players shout, “CRAZY ZOO!” and perform the pose and make the animal sound together.

    “Special” cards add an element of surprise to the game. For example, when these cards are played, all players may suddenly need to swap cards or even do their best fish face without laughing! If they can… ☺