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6 reasons to practice yoga with your child

Things you may not have known about yoga at home with kids:

Yes, it is also possible to do yoga… with your kids… at home… without any previous experience!

Huh? What? How?? And, maybe most importantly - Why?

Yoga has been around for thousands of years.

Everyone’s heard of it or at least tried a session or two. But how many have actually practiced with their children?

Here’s a bit of motivation:

Why should we even practice with children?

1. Set by example. Kids have an intrinsic motivation to learn through imitation and they have their eyes on us - whether we like it or not (obviously this can be pretty challenging at times…)

2. Yoga supports maintaining a healthy body image within children, which is especially important in our time when our kids are exposed non-stop to unattainable body images through models and social media.

3. Studies have shown that children who practice yoga know how to better regulate their emotions, choose a healthier diet and engage in more exercise!

4. Teens are also positively affected by yoga practice which improves their self-image - physically and mentally, and can have an affect on their ability to pay attention and concentrate.

5. Yoga promotes proper posture, which is a major plus especially after hours in front of screens…

6. Yoga provides an opportunity to move with pleasure, without competition. There are various yoga games that encourage collaboration, so in the end everyone is happy!

Yoga games make it possible to turn the world of yoga into a fun and special quality time for everyone! This is why we always say: Let’s Play Yoga :)


Even just 15 minutes a day of short quality time is enough for you to feel the positive changes in your children.

Please get the word out to your family and friends!

To read more about practicing you with kids, please visit our blog.

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