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Competition vs. Collaboration

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

With our games at Yogi Fun - you’ll find that there is never a single winner.

Or more accurately - everybody wins at the end of the game, because that’s the way we play.

All of our games focus on teamwork, collaboration & cooperation.

We as a generation that has been educated on the fact that competition leads to excellence, and I ask - well, does it really?

I actually feel that cooperation and thinking about ALL will lead to a great world - for everyone.

So it's true that this is a deep philosophy, and how do you teach such values ​​through yoga games?

I have the honor to bring the practice of philosophy into our games at an experiential level.

For example:

  • Yogi Memo does not focus on who collects more cards, but on arranging the cards and performing the poses as a sequence, together.

  • Crazy Zoo - the player with the final card is the one who actually releases the last animal from the zoo, and is just as important to game as everyone else.

  • Yoga Dominoes - together we enact the longest sequence everyone created during the game. This is what I call an ending!

Instead of competition, shared learning.

This is how step by step, through play and fun, we can shape a different way of thinking.

And perhaps a more sustainable planet.

The focus is not on the single winner, nor is the victory what matters!

(Someone once said that the path is our teacher, not the goal)

This is how the game itself is the core of play, and the end becomes open, creative and shared.

One can really experience what it feels like when everyone is happy in the end, together.

When did you play such a game as a family?

It feels wonderful, well worth a try!

Pay attention to the key values ​​in the games you purchase for your children.

It's not "just a game" ...

Their playground is where their worldviews take shape.

Because children learn about the world through play.

So let's march together,

Step by step,

In collaboration

To a better world.

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